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We want to promote, create awareness and educate the public about Homeopathy and Homoeopathic Medicine in Manitoba.

We are looking for high standards and professionalism of homoeopaths in Manitoba and we believe that this reflect in the service and benefits of our patients.

The Manitoba Homeopathic Association / Manitoba Society of Homoeopathic Physicians will represent the interests of all qualified doctors of Homoeopathic Medicine who are residents in Manitoba.

We want to promote the use and research of Homeopathy in Winnipeg  and  Manitoba. One main goal is contact insurance companies, unions, business and organize talks and seminars about the benefits of this style of medicine.



Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that was first mentioned by Hippocrates (462-377 BC). The basic principles as we understand them today were established over 200 years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and chemist. While researching the curative properties of cinchona bark on malaria, Dr. Hahnemann recognized that cinchona can induce malaria-like symptoms in a healthy person, and can cure malaria. Based on this discovery, he developed a theory that ‘like cures like.’ In other words, substances which might cause symptoms in a healthy person are used to cure the same symptoms as experienced by a person who is ill.
This concept became the basis of homeopathy.


Dr. Hahnemann went on to apply this concept to other natural substances, and used techniques like serial dilutions and systematic mixing through vigorous shaking (succussion). The resulting homeopathic remedy contains a memory of the original natural substance, and the final product keeps the healing characteristics of the initial product, without side effects. This findings are controversial and now research in this area is looking for explanations in nano technology and quantum physics in order to understand this amazing concept developed 200 years ago.


More information about Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann here.


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