AMHB challenges University of Barcelona decision to remove Homeopathic Medicine Masters course

The University of Barcelona has cancelled the delivery of its Homeopathic Medicine Masters course, which is the only training for medical doctors and veterinarians accredited by the ECH in Spain.

The Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona (AMHB) has launched a petition seeking to have this decision overturned.
The Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona (AMHB) is a scientific society founded in 1890 by Dr. Sanllehy (Professor of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona). This society, which welcomes medical homeopaths from across Spain, regularly organises continuing education activities and scientific conferences, and co-edits the Medical Journal of Homeopathy. The AMHB also collaborates with the University of Barcelona (UB) to offer a Medical Homeopathy Master course exclusively for medical and veterinary doctors.
The University of Barcelona has made the decision to cancel this course. AMHB oppose this decision and question the reasons offered as to why it has been removed, as it has been run successfully by the UB for 21 years (first as pre-graduate). The training boasted a high satisfaction rate among both students and coordinators.