An Open Letter From Concerned Physicians Regarding Antibiotic Resistance

Dear Homeopath,


A dozen independent research laboratories across the globe have made an historic discovery. Every one of these labs has found various nanostructures, including source and silica nanoparticles in every remedy they have tested, in every potency examined.


As you know, these findings are extremely important because they rebut the ancient claim that remedies are nothing but plain water. In fact, it appears that homeopathy may in fact be the first form of nanomedicine ever discovered.


The American Institute of Homeopathy has volunteered to write an open letter to the medical community to draw attention to these findings, and in light of the dangerous rise in antibiotic resistance, to encourage a reconsideration of homeopathy as at least an adjunct treatment option for the dangerous period that lies before humankind. That letter is attached.


Our request to you: if you are a licensed medical professional and are willing to allow your name and title to be used in support of this important letter, please email that information (your name and title) to Peter Gold at the American Institute of Homeopathy


Our goal is to accumulate 300 signatores by July 10th.


Here is the letter:


An Open Letter From Concerned Physicians Regarding Antibiotic Resistance


America and the world face a crisis.
It is now estimated that antibiotic resistant infections may kill an estimated 10 million people a year and cost the world’s economies some $100 trillion annually1 by the year 2050. Dr. Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization has recently stated that Earth may be approaching a time “when things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.”


Read the entire letter America-and-the-world-face-a-crisis

Please let the AIH know you will endorse this letter today. 

I am a licensed medical professional,

and yes, please add my name to the letter.

Thank you in advance!