Two Articles: Conference: how acupuncture’s five elements can help shape approach to remedies Dana Ullman and the FDA’s re-regulation of homeopathy: Is this fundamentally an attack on medical diversity?

Critique of Proposed Regulations of Homeopathic Medicines and Alternative Proposals by Dana Ullman

In the last months we are hearing about this changes in US about homeopathic remedies. if you really want to have more informatio about homeopathic remedies and regulation you should read this amazing article. Critique of Proposed Regulations of Homeopathic Medicines and Alternative Proposals by Dana Ullman In December 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced their interest …


We have often heard about the lack of research or scientific studies about homeopathy. The truth is there is thousands of studies. Here is a YouTube video about it : The State of Research in Homeopathic Medicine and Understanding the Biological Basis for Homeopathic And in the American Institute of Homeopathy you can find more information about research and studies. References: Homeopathy_Research_Evidence_Base_7-12-2017

An Open Letter From Concerned Physicians Regarding Antibiotic Resistance

Dear Homeopath,   A dozen independent research laboratories across the globe have made an historic discovery. Every one of these labs has found various nanostructures, including source and silica nanoparticles in every remedy they have tested, in every potency examined.   As you know, these findings are extremely important because they rebut the ancient claim that remedies are nothing but …

Three Tips from Dr. Temple Hoyne, MD

  Three Tips from Dr. Temple Hoyne, MD Ascites Helleborus is an important remedy for ascites after scarlet fever or other acute diseases. Its diuretic action is vastly superior to that of Digitalis and Colchicum. Scanty, highly colored urine with coffee-ground sediment. Slow in answering questions, as if he did not comprehend what was said to him. Drowsy. Varioloid Three …

Homeopathy eBooks

In the website of you can find free Homeopathy eBooks. Here the link:   Enjoy.  

Homeopathy in France

French MDs use Homeopathy! A new survey just discovered that 95% of French general practitioners, pediatricians, and dermatologists use homeopathic medicines! The World Health Organization previously ranked France as having the BEST health care in the world. “A total of 120,110 healthcare professionals (HCPs) prescribed at least one homeopathic drug or preparation. They represented 43.5% of the overall population of HCPs, …