Happy “Homeopathy Awareness Week”!

Happy “Homeopathy Awareness Week”!

April 10th to April 16th
The theme for 2018 is ‘Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth’

How can you celebrate this amazing week…here is some suggestions and links related:
4 things to do:

  1. Make a movie – share your homeopathy story
    2. Create links – support HAW
    3. Join the march – 16th April in London
    4. Watch the documentary – live stream Just One Drop

From School of Homeopathy:
Homeopathy Awareness Week in Britain coincides with World Homeopathy Awareness Week, from 10th to 16th April 2017. The start date of Homeopathy Awareness Week was chosen to commemorate who is the founder of homeopathy and was born in Germany on 10th April 1755.

From Homeopathy UK

Homeopathy Awareness Week is both a national and an international event. It provides homeopaths with the opportunity to organise a range of activities aimed at raising public awareness of the many benefits of homeopathy, a gentle, safe and effective system of medicine

In honor of World Homeopathy Awareness Week
three streams/three time zones/three continents
Followed by real-time Q&A
North America 
Tuesday, April 10th

Just One Drop Film…HAW Live Stream

World Homeopathy Awareness Organization
In celebration of all those who have healed with Homeopathy, homeopaths and supporters share education and accessibility of homeopathy around the world, beginning on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s Birthday every year.