Three Tips from Dr. Temple Hoyne, MD


Three Tips from Dr. Temple Hoyne, MD


Helleborus is an important remedy for ascites after scarlet fever or other acute diseases. Its diuretic action is vastly superior to that of Digitalis and Colchicum. Scanty, highly colored urine with coffee-ground sediment. Slow in answering questions, as if he did not comprehend what was said to him. Drowsy.


Three cases of varioloid, all of whom received no other remedy than Antimonium tart, terminated in recovery in from nine to thirteen days, leaving no permanent marks on their faces.

Angina Pectoris

Dr. Kafka says he has found Agaricus the best remedy in the gastralgic or spasmodic form of Angina. He uses the 3x, two doses per day.


Graphites is the best remedy in emissions of semen proceeding from debility of the organ.

Clinical Therapeutics Vol II Temple S. Hoyne, A. M., M. D.